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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP)

Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) is a document that enables an organization to display their commitment in upholding Anti-Corruption Principles in Malaysia. By signing the CIP, the company declares that they would not be involved in any acts of corruption and will strive to instill a corrupt-free business environment during business interaction with their partners and the government.

What are the elements of Anti-Corruption Principles for Corporations in Malaysia

Companies should be determined to create a corruption-free business environment in Malaysia by:
a. Committing to promote values of integrity, transparency, accountability and good corporate governance
b. Strengthening internal system that support corruption prevention.
c. Complying with laws, policies and procedures relating to fighting corruption
d. Fighting any form of corrupt practice
e. Supporting corruption prevention initiatives by the Malaysian Government and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)

Who is issuing the pledge? Do I have to sign it?

The Pledge is not issued by any government agency or authority, instead it is the fruit of collaboration between Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Malaysian Institute of Integrity, Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Companies Commission of Malaysia, Performance Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Prime Minister's Office and Transparency International Malaysia.

This Pledge is done on a voluntary basis. Companies are encouraged to sign the Pledge voluntarily to display their commitment in promoting corruption free business environment and encouraging healthy competition.

What are the steps involved in signing procedure

Please refer to page How to Pledge.

What happens after I sign the Pledge?

Companies need to develop programs related to the 10 anti-corruption initiatives as outlined in the CIP Program. This is essential in assisting the companies to uphold the anti-corruption principles.

During the anti-corruption initiative development process, companies need to conduct self-assessment to identify the implementation gaps on continuous basis until it is fully developed. Thus, the status of the program development should be reported to MACC on yearly basis.

What are the priviledges of being a Signatory?

A CIP signatory will have his own dedicated page in this portal. The member will also be able to share articles and update any events held by the company related to integrity and good governance. The signatory also will be able to read and view articles, events and photos of other CIP members.

What is the effect of signing the Pledge?

The company will be making a firm commitment to fight corruption and this would be stated in writing as well as serves as a guideline for the companies in conducting their business. Following this, companies would use this Pledge as an advantage to their competitors to show stakeholders that there is no risk and hidden costs relating to corruption in conducting their business. By signing the Pledge, companies would be listed as CIP signatories in this Portal for public views.

Is adherence to the Pledge monitored?

Yes. It will be monitored based on the 10 Anti-Corruption initiatives outlined in this program. This monitoring aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives conducted as well as providing guidance and consultancy in improving the quality of the integrity and corporate governance program in accordance to the model developed under the 10th Principle of the UN Global Compact. This Pledge is a proactive measure undertaken by the company on voluntary basis. Thus, any non-compliance to the Pledge is not an offence under any statutory law in Malaysia.

What happens if I know there is corruption at a company? Does this Pledge help me?

Yes. By implementing this Pledge, the company has undertaken to strengthen their internal system to support corruption preventions including establishing Whistleblowing Policy, Referral Policy, and Anti-Corruption Reporting System. This will directly assist in reporting corruption-related cases to MACC.