Step 1 - Register with CISM

First, companies need to register a user account on this website. The user account must be registered and managed by one personel who will also be acting as the representative of the company for CISM.

Step 2 - Complete the CISM Checklist

Secondly, companies must complete the CISM Checklist. This checklist contains 24 questions.

Step 3 - Wait for approval from MACC

After completing step 1 until step 2, your registration will be assessed by MACC. This process will not take more than 14 days to be completed. Upon approval, MACC Officer will get in touch with your person-in-charge.

Step 4 - Download and sign the Corporate Integrity Pledge

Companies can obtain a copy of the CIP form by downloading the form from this page or by meeting MACC officials in person. The CIP must then be signed by the highest managerial officer in each company (such as the CEO), before being returned to the MACC. After signing, the company’s name will be listed in the register of signatories on the CISM Portal. Business operators are then able to direct stakeholders to this website, in order to showcase their public commitment in support of integrity initiatives. 

Step 5 - Complete the Self Evaluation Test

The fifth step in the CISM Value Chain is to complete the Self Evaluation Test (SET). This questionnaire contains 100 questions, it is used to gauge the readiness of your company to commit to the Corporate Integrity Pledge.

Step 6 - Submit the CISM Reporting for Anti-Corruption Initiatives

The final step in CISM Value Chain is to submit the Report for Anti-Corruption Initiatives. Fill out the form online here.