Why should your organization make the Corporate Integrity Pledge? Below we have listed why signing the CIP is so beneficial to you:

1. The company will be making a clear stand of how it operates. This will be locked down in writing and will be a guidance to the company in its business interactions, should it be faced with the possibility of condoning any payments or other activities that would amount to corruption.


2. The company can use this pledge to set itself apart from its peers by demonstrating to its stakeholders that its business operations do not include any hidden risks or costs that are associated with corrupt activities demonstrating its commitment towards accountability and transparency which will improve the effectiveness and ethical reputation of the company.


3. Positive impacts of signing the CIP and implementing the Corporate Integrity System Assessment and Questionnaire are associated with higher economic growth, greater productivity, and higher GDP ratios. The confidence level of domestic and foreign investors will increase which will help companies to achieve sustained economic growth and long term prosperity.


4. By meeting the growing demand for reporting on non-financial matters from a wide range of stakeholders (from regulators to civil society), it will positively influence the company’s reputation in the market place and society; hence stimulating multi stakeholder dialogue related to anti-corruption. 


5. By signing the pledge, companies reflect their sincerity and commitment towards anti-corruption hence raising awareness among employees and provides a means of control and discipline for the management. Indirectly, it sends a clear signal to the employees that the companies are serious in combating corruption.