In line with Malaysia’s vision of achieving a high income status by the year 2020, combating corruption has been identified as one of the key challenges. Since the turn of the new millennium, The Malaysian Government has achieved some significant milestones in this long and challenging journey:

  • 2004: Launching of the National Integrity Plan
  • 2010: Launching of the Government Transformation Programme (National Key Results Areas – Fighting Corruption) and Economic Transformation Programme. Signing of Integrity Pledge by Chamber of Commerce with Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Formulation of Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM) Roundtable
  • 2011: Creation of Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP)
  • 2012: Publication of Best Business Practice Circular (3/2012)
  • 2013: Appointment of Minister of Governance and Integrity
  • 2014: Publication of CISM Toolkit: From Pledge to Practice