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The Value Chain

In order to realise a comprehensive and rigorous anti-corruption culture, there is an urgent need for Malaysian organisations, both public and private, to put in place preventative measures that reinforce ethical leadership, good governance, transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law in their operational procedures. Hence, CISM Roundtable formulated a framework called CISM Value Chain to address these needs.

The CISM Value Chain helps organisations to identify gaps within their operations. Implementation of the Value Chain requires all stakeholders to take ownership and undertake a long-term commitment to the initiative. After completing the CISM Value Chain, organisations are required to carry out the Stages 3 to 5 of the Value Chain on an annual basis. 

Stage 1: Complete the CISM Checklist

The CISM Checklist allows organisations to conduct a preliminary assessment on their integrity mechanisms, including policies, implementation procedures and monitoring and review systems.

Stage 2: Sign the CIP

The CIP allows organisations to make a public resolution against corruption, while committing to uphold the 5 Anti-Corruption Principles in Malaysia.

Stage 3: Complete the Self-Evaluation Toolkit (SET)

SET was developed using the framework provided in Transparency International’s Business Principles for Countering Bribery. It aims to conduct in-depth assessment on the adequacy of organisations’ policies and procedures in countering corruption, and to establish a clearer baseline of existing system.

Stage 4: Implement Corporate Integrity System (CIS)

After evaluating and identifying gaps through the SET, organisations should follow through by implementing an effective integrity system. CISM Roundtable partners have appointed Malaysian Institute of Integrity and Transparency International Malaysia as “Implementers” to assist organisations to implement an effective integrity system.

Stage 5: Conduct Annual Reporting

Organisations are expected to report annually to the CISM on integrity measures and initiatives they had implemented after signing the CIP. By doing so, organisations will have a baseline for benchmarking improvements they had made for the past 12 months in the area of organisational integrity.

CISM Value Chain